Expertise and service at a glance.

We would like to inform you about some data and details that will give you a good clue of the convincing work we realize at GCG.

The company site
Scope of expertise: more than 35 years
Operating area: 85,000 sq m
Infrastructure: access to shipping, rail connection, link to highway
Repair and storage halls: 8,000 sq m
Roofed rail terminals for shipping and handling of cargo: 4,000 sq m
Container washing facility: 50 spots

The performance
Employees: 40
Storage capacity: 10,000 TEU
Handling capacity of packing station: 200,000 tons every year
Repair / Maintenance: 12,000 containers every year
Rail dispatch: 11,000 waggons every year
Trucks: 18 units (capacity from 2,500 to 45,000 kg)

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