Good connections

Successful logistics services can be hedged by solid networks and the common entrepreneurship of experienced partners. It is the suitable way to strengthen and parlay the innovative skills of our corporate branch. Please use the following links and you will be provided with more detailed information of our networking.



Bundesverband der Container-Servicebetriebe e.V.


Initiative Stadtbremische Häfen e.V.


Griepe Container GmbH


B.C.S.B. – Bundesverband der Container-Servicebetriebe e.V.

By joining together under the umbrella of the Bundesverband der Container- Servicebetriebe e.V., member companies aim to expand their internal exchange of experience, and to provide a full range of container services of high quality.

All our customers will benefit from closer collaboration in the field of technical equipment and in industry-specific areas such as repair standards, production processes and sourcing of materials.

ISH – Initiative Stadtbremische Häfen e.V.

An initiative to secure and shape the future of the Bremen ports in the center of the Hanseatic city.


In the traditional Bremer harbor districts on the right side of the Weser, a large number of medium-sized companies are working with high added value. For generations, they have been exploiting the opportunities of the southernmost German seaport at the industrial, timber and factory ports: logistics advantages in transport to customers inland, flexibility in the world market due to the location at sea-deep water for seagoing ships and thus stability in ever-changing world markets.